Routes for hiking

Experience the beautiful nature in and around the area of “Fjordlandet” and all of North Sealand.


We have put together for you 3  routes in the distance of 2,6 km, 5,3 km and 13,7 km. The routes will take you through the city and beautiful rural areas nearby.

For details please press here for 2,6 km

For details please press here for 5,3 km

For details please press here for 13,7 km


If you are interested in renowned hiking routes wich will take you through historic and scenic areas we can recomment the following routes:


The Danish Pilgrimage

“Hop on” this route in the city of Farum and it will take you through the Hillerød area and along lake Esrum.


The Marguerite Route

On this famous route from Frederikssund to Arresø, you can experience the woods of Sonnerup and Auderød. See details for the route here.

It is also possible to downloade the route to your GPS via the the link. You can choose to take your car to Frederikssund city or go by foot, the 5 km to Frederikssund, where the walk will take you along The Marguerite route via Hørup Skovvej.


Skjoldungernes Land National Park

Enjoy the salt meadows, beautifull coastline and unique birdlife on the Skjoldungernes hiking trails. For more information and the different routes and national park areas please press here.


The National Park of “The Kings of North Sealand”

The park is Denmark’s 2nd largest national park and covers 263 square kilometers.

Here you can discover ruins from castles and monasteries as a witness of the remains of the great power of the church and of the Danish kingdom.