North Zealand

Frederiksborg Castle
The castle is situated beautifully by the castle lake in Hillerød. Inside the castle walls waits exiting cutural experiences for the whole family. When you are there, it is also recommended that you pay a visit to the rococo garden, and maybe take a sail at the lake.

Kronborg Castle
Kronborg Castle is one of North-Europes most meaningfull Renaisance castles. A journey to Kronborg has often been compared to a journey down to the dungeons, where the statue of Holger Danske sits.

Fredensborg Castle
Fredensborg Castle lies by the Esrum lakes and has for many years been recogonised as the Royal familiys preferred residence.
In 1994 the Crown Prince and Crown Princess moved into the castle for there own purpose. Fredensborg is renowned for its historic gardens.

Arken, Museum of modern art.
As the newest museum of Mordern Art, Arken is proud to exhibit new contempory and Modern Art.

Louisiana’s close contact and collaboration with the international arts and cultural milieu is one of the museum’s greatest strengths. And also one of the main reasons that it has been possible for Louisiana to present an exhibition program that has resonated so strongly with the public over the years. Louisiana has thus achieved a standing as one of the world’s most respected exhibition venues, and in the future it will be able to attract exhibitions and artists at a level that few other museums – either in Denmark or abroad – can match.

Roskilde Cathederal
Roskilde Cathederal is a very impressive building. During the past century, towers, spires, porches and chapels have been added to the cathedral.
Since 1400 the cathedral has been the preferred tomb Church of the Royal Family.

The Viking Ship Museum, Roskilde
Feel the presence of history when you stand before the five original Viking ships that bear witness to war, trade and sea voyages to distant places.