Together with our hotel guests we take part in the responsibility for our community and at the same time contribute to the global movement of sustainable solutions. 

We have always worked for a better environment, sustainability and social responsibility as a natural part of our daily operation and service at our hotel. We wish to continue our work towards using less resources and reduce the impact on our environment and increase our focus on our social responsibility. 


The 17 Global Goals, developed by the UN, are important benchmarks in our everyday life and workflows here at the hotel. 


In the restaurant and kitchen, we are greatly focused on season based ingredients and supporting our local suppliers It is our goal in 2021 to achieve the Organic Food Label, Bronze. 

The Global Goal no. 2 “Zero Hunger” and no. 14 “Life Below Water” are important benchmarks in our daily work in the kitchen. 


We are very proud of being a workplace that supports our employees development, and we believe in diversity and social dynamics. We know the importance of a good working environment, in order for our employees to deliver the best service to our guests. We create the best possible workspace for our employees by ensuring the good work environment by focusing on integration and inclusion. Furthermore, as a workplace, we believe in developing and educating our employees. Here we are actively working with The Global Goal no. 3 “Good Health and Well-being”, no. 4 “Quality Education”, no. 5 “Gender Equality” and no. 10 “Reduced Inequality”.  


As a guest at our hotel you will have plenty of choices to have an active role in preserving the environment. You can drink the water at the hotel, directly from the faucet. This way we can ensure clean drinking water for all our guests and at the same time reduce the use of disposable plastic bottles. Moreover, you have as a guest at our hotel, the choice to have a less energy consuming stay, by not having a daily bath or daily change of towels. As a guest you will not find disposable soap and shampoo in our rooms. This way you will, as a guest at our hotel, actively contribute to a positive development according to Global Goal no. 6 “Clean Water and Sanitation” and no. 7 “Affordable and Clean Energy 


We, as a hotel have high expectations and demands to both our cleaning products and services from our suppliers, including  that our towels and linen are GOTS certified(Global Organic Textile Standard) which is a certification that ensures both social and environmental responsibility(CSR). Furthermore, all our table cloths are marked Fairtrade. The Fairtrade mark is an organization that ensures that farmers get a fair price for their raw materials and that their raw materials are produced in organized workplaces, where the focus is on people and the environment. 


Besides having our focus on The 17 Global Goals, we are also Green Key certified, which means that we have certain environmentally criteria we have to live up toWe live up to the criteria by working actively for a better environment and ensuring sustainability every day at our hotel. We ensure the improvements and develop our work methods, all with the focus on our guests experience of being at the center of our attention. 



Our goal for the year 2022 is to have even more focus on sorting of our waste and garbage. We will look in to how we can optimize the sorting of all the waste, not only in our work flow at our hotel, but also in how you can contribute as a guest, during your stay. 

We will furthermore focus on creating stays and offers for people living locally and in this way comply with Global Goal no. 9 “Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure”