Skjalm Hvide Hotel

Skjalm Hvide Hotel lies in the center of North Zealand. The hotel has 64 rooms, out of which 2 are suites and 2 holiday flats. Skjalm Hvid Hotel offers a wonderful restaurant as well as conference rooms and facillities for social events.

The Willadsen family bought the hotel in 1981. At that time the hotel was called Jørlunde Motel and had 21 rooms. Kurt Willadsen renamed the hotel Skjalm Hvide Hotel and since then many  changes have been implemented. The hotel was re-built with a restaurant, party and conference rooms. In 1994 “The Castle” – situated next to the hotel – was bought and became part of Skjalm Hvide Hotel. In 2019 the Merchant was bought. The Merchant have 10 rooms and a banqueting room.

Jarlen, Skjalm Hvide who has given the hotel its name, was the ancestor to one of the most powerfull and mighty magnate lineages from the middle ages. He died around 1113. Skjalm Hvide was extremely well respected by the royal family, mainly due to the fact that he had been very successful in looking after the estates that the king had entrusted to him.

He was married to Signe Asbjørndatter (daughter). Among the sons of the Skjalm Hvide was Asser Rig, who was the father of Absalon and Esbern Snare. In addition to this, the son of Erik Ejegods, Knud Lavard, was raised with the Skjalm hvid family. Skjalm Hvide was also the mighty ancestor to two great men from Jutland who both bore the name Stig Andersen with the additional name Marsk (Stig Marsk).

The Hvide family were owners of large pieces of land, among these were the areas around Jørlunde. The Hvide family has financed the decoration in the church of Jørlunde with the remarkable and beautiful murals.

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