Local attractions

Jørlunde Church
Jørlunde Church was built in chalk at around 1100. It was probably built by the Skjalm-Hvide family, who around the 1100th century owned most of Jørlunde. The churches the Hvide family built where decorated by a group of painters called “the Workshop of Jørlunde”. It was this workshop that decorated Jørlunde church in the middle of the 1100th century. The beautiful frescos attract many people who are interested in art, both from inside and outside the count

J. F. Willumsens Museum
The museum’s collection consists of a broad range of paintings, sketches, ceramics, sculptures, photographs etc. by the Danish artist J.F. Willumsen. Today the collection consists of about 5.000 pieces. In addition to the permanent collection where will be special exhibitions for the guests to enjoy. The museum is placed in Frederikssund, about 9 km. from the Skjalm Hvide Hotel.

Jægerspris Castle
The castle used to be the private residence of King Frederik VII and Countess Danner, after the King purchased the old hunting seat in 1854. At the castle one can experience the furnishing of the 1850s as well as the beautiful living rooms and halls which were renovated to the taste of the time by the royal couple. Furthermore one can enjoy a walk in the park and Mindelunden. The Castle is situated 14 km. from Skjalm Hvide Hotel.

Frederikssund Viking habitation
The reconstructed Viking habitation at Kalvøen in Frederikssund forms an interesting frame of many exciting activities. In June and July there are many Viking-related activities in Frederikssund and one can experience the annual Viking-play or experience a sail on the fjord in a copy of a real Viking ship. The Viking habitation is a historical reconstruction of a Viking Village. The area is open daily, and can always be explored on your own. Audio podcasts that will guide you through the fascinating history of the area are available online. On special dates the Viking habitation will be lived in.

Selsø Castle (Manor museum)
The history of the castle dates back the 13th. century, but the present buildings date back to the time of the renaissance. As a guest one can experience the basement kitchen, which is Denmark’s oldest intact kitchen with an open fireplace. Furthermore one can enjoy the beautiful old banqueting hall. The castle is placed near the town of Skibby and is open from May till September. During the summertime there are several classical concerts in the impressive banqueting hall and moreover there will be a range of exciting activities.